NHS & Private Prescription

At Fieldway Pharmacy, dispensing NHS Prescriptions is at the heart of our Pharmacy business and we take pride on the quality of service we offers to our prescription customers. Whatever your prescription needs, we aim to surpass your expectations.
With a private prescription the patient needs to pay for the actual costs of the drugs prescribed and not just the standard NHS fee.


NHS Repeat Prescription

Repeat prescriptions: We dispense repeat prescriptions so that your regular prescribed medicines can be obtained from the pharmacy. We will get it ready to be picked up at a convenient time.


Collection & Delivery Service

We are able to collect your repeat or any other prescriptions from your G.P's surgery and dispense your medicines ready for you to collect. We also let you know its ready via a text message or telephone call. We can also deliver to our house-bound patients and in cases where you may find it difficult to pick up your medicines, we will deliver it to you.