We provide a range of services including:


  • Healthcare Advice
    There is a consulting room available where our pharmacist or our trained healthcare assistants can speak in private with you. We can also give you advice on a range of healthy lifestyle issues; minor ailments and on all medicines.

    Our very experienced Pharmacist is also highly trained in recognising symptoms of disease and where appropriate, recommending either treatment or referral to your doctor. Our pharmacy staff are also trained to give you advice on a range of healthy lifestyle issues and on over the counter medicines

  • Nursing and Residential Homes
    We are able to provide full comprehensive dispensing (weekly and monthly Monitored Dosage Systems) and healthcare services to care homes. [We have a lead contact who manages and deals with supplies, record keeping as well as staff training]. Our services include delivering medicines and giving advice on using, storing and disposing of medicines.  We also provide comprehensive MAR charts if required and can deliver monthly and interim medications to the home.


  • Surgical Appliances
    We can supply any dressing on your prescription within 24-48 hours, and hold in stock some more commonly prescribed dressings. We also offer a hosiery measurement service to ensure that you receive the correct size of surgical stockings.  This will always be done in our consultation room to ensure privacy.


  • Medicines Use Review (MUR)
    Our pharmacist will be pleased to advise you on any new medicines just prescribed by your G.P as well as any long term ones you have been taking. The consultation is in private and may last up to ten minutes. It has been designed to help you understand what your medicine is, how to take it and any other issues you may be concerned about.
    If you are taking a lot of different medicines, or sometimes forget to take your medicines, or have problems removing tablets from their blisters, or elderly or disabled, we can dispense for FREE into special packs which have different compartments with the time and day to be taken clearly marked on the packs.


  • Ostomy Services
    At Fieldway Pharmacy, we offer a discreet ostomy supply service. We aim to fulfill ostomy and catheter orders within 24-48 hours of receipt of your prescription as the stock has to be specifically ordered to suit the individual and diverse need of each patient. 

  • Mobility and Living Aids
    We stock mobility, living aids and healthcare products for the elderly and infirmed from industry leading manufacturers including sigmobilty and Fortuna among others